Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Friday at noon...that's the day I take off for Pnomh Penh. A worrisome hour long layover in Bangkok (will my luggage make it from plane to plane in such a short amount of time?) What does a girl do with twenty hours to herself in COACH? No fair making unusable suggestions...any book recommendations, however, would be appreciated.

In the middle of planning my post-Habitat itinerary - rough idea of spending extra time in Ankor Wat and then moving down to the coast for some live-aboard scuba diving. Live-aboard being the only feasible way to get thyself out of the blast sites/fishing beds where life consists of some ashy apocolypse covering what used to be living reef. Then, onto Hanoi, where I will look for that art gallery covered so specifically and oddly by the NY Times last week. Mai. OK. And, hopefully, will hit China Beach - not solely due to my love of the TV show. Mostly 'cause of the surfers! And, yes for those of you who are wondering, I will climb aboard a board with my limited skills and be buffeted by that surf. So, expect me back with bruisers. Hopefully, no bites.

I will try to post regularly, rather than sending mass, bookmark me for God's Sake!!!!!