Sunday, June 24, 2007

Virgin Gorda

It feels as though it's been weeks already - the continuity of days, their blandness and the sun. Strange the way a long vacation settles over a person like a blanket - went to dinner last night (alone) and tried to put words to how I felt. Could only come up with muffled. Wrapped in a lovely warm blanket.

Wonderful to have so much time with the boys -- they're just as peachy and perfect covered in sand as they are trotting about the city.

On a deeper level though, it all causes me to wonder about my own future and what I want at this stage in my life.

Ho-hum. Serious thoughts.

Back to reality next post, promise. A dive should help, plunge into the sea and de-fog.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Damn you and your eternal rightness!

So, I'm in Georgia and it's only a little after 10 a.m. - I tried to get a run in early. After days in the car, logging in miles was necessary to not only body, but mind. And, I'm running my usual route, out of the neighborhood and a left down a windy road that, to be honest, has always spooked me out a little bit given its proximity to gun-toting Confederate flag fliers...and Neko Case's song DEEP RED BELLS comes on. Now, I've always found that song just genius. The weird out of sync bridge with the 'soul casting about' lyrics - a perfection of modern murder ballad that is always evocative of itself, only. Self-referential, if you will. But, this time something different happened.

I was explicitly reminded of this movie I just netflixed at the recommendation of a friend (hence the title of this posting - and I am only referring to cultural matters BTW). THE DEAD GIRL - Karen Moncrieff's sophomore film effort - which is such a flawed film. Five seperate stories meant to form a whole, centered around the titular character (played to perfection by Brittany Murphy - whom I don't even like). So, it's not such a great film. You can watch it and say hmmmm...that bit of story is a little off and the script is not perfect there....BUT, the thing just stays with you anyway. Which must (in my mind) make it a true example of good filmmaking. In the truest sense of filmmaking - the visual one.

So my song and my run and the shady patches of grass with grease-stained thrown out the window bags of KFC....the humid air and the morning's rain blowing off the trees and cooling my all made me think of parts of this movie.

And how it's really a good film.

Random morning thoughts from Georgia.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I really want a 'fuck frank gehry' t-shirt.

(note: still holding back from buying clothes - even $35 ones due to the dress debacle)

I am now adding up everything that I DON'T buy and I REALLY want. When I reach the price of the dress I will let myself off the hook. This is a small insight into the way I think. Now we'll see if I can do it. An aside, I tried buying milk and making my own coffee in the mornings to add the $3.50/day to my total BUT I find Maggie's too enjoyable and now end up just drinking way more coffee than anyone needs to ever.)


Or maybe not such fun times - depending on how you feel about taking an airplane to a faraway place and meeting up with locals who are into showing you their city.

So, as part of that alone late at night and bored conundrum I've been looking into all sorts of kooky websites. It now seems as though I've found the perfect match for my peripathetic ways. It's called and it's basically a social networking site for people who love to travel to crazy (or not so crazy) places, and want guessed it, couchsurf. OK. See, some of you are saying that's not so fun. Why would I want to do that? Others of you might be clicking the link already, gleefully even.

If the couch part doesn't put a smile on your face, maybe the 'meet for a drink or coffee' feature is more your speed.

It's way cool, trust me. As addictive as lastfm - wow. What if they, that would be the dreamiest.

Also, you get to make an interactive pin map of places you've traveled.

I go by the imaginative name of hliz.
Go figure.

New Color Scheme

Listen, I know it's ugly. You know it's ugly.

But, I was bored and it was late at night. Plus, I've always liked red.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tour buses and grey dresses

Strange clues that life sometimes has to offer...

Anyway, passing time in New York City. Tracking the Tori Amos tour late at night and reading AFFLICTION by Russell Banks; trying to feel the city in summer as the Sopranos draws to a close and all of the free music tents go up. Only here for another week and here only a week so far - though it feels interminable for some reason. Not the seeing friends part, not the walking for ice creams with Jack part -- but, the other moments. The ones where I am alone and still refusing to buy my own carton of milk, in favor of storebought ice coffees and an empty refrigerator.

Ping-pong ballish.

Logging in hours at the computer and taking breaks with brand new iTunes purchases. Waiting for the new Carolyn Mark record with at least half the excitement of waiting for the Tori. Contemplating aloud the merits of ON CHESEL BEACH and chatting for hours on the phone. Walking the same few blocks.

Trying to kick into a handstand every few days.

'Feeling radical in cotton
purified in my satin...'

What else...all things, many things. New York things. Alone things. Not so alone things. Strange times and new dresses that I don't want so much.