Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nothing is Free, Pesky Release Dates and More

What's a girl to do? A new Carolyn Mark record hot off the press and no way to get my hands on it due to the fact that I'm a lowly non-Canadian and therefore not meant to benefit from the July release. Must wait until September.


Nothing is Free. Nothing is Free.

But, sometimes things should be if they're incredibly difficult to get one's impatient little ears on. One searches the web, tries to join Canadian download services while procrastinating on the script-writing. You know the deal. Lots of surfing and cursing. So for me, the damn record should be free.

Now the better news! I've circumvented all problems related to this nationality challenged 'release date' issue. Simply click on the title of this blog and buy the record.

'Cause it's great. Great, great, great. Double that when you realize if you buy it now you get to listen with a lemonade vodka in hand, in the cooling night air in front of a roaring barbeque with friends nearby. Or on the beach. Or with a window open. Summer fun. It's all about summer fun. So get yourself some.

Put down that lame record at the Starbucks counter! AND the Paul McCartney mid-life crisis!
Live on the edge and embrace your inner Van-Couver.