Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saigon, Again

Arrived last night in a weary, dreary mess after almost a full-day of travel on various Thai Airways flights, through Bangkok's endless shopping mall of an airport (miles and miles of shops). Took a cab directly to the hotel, same area as my stay before. It's a tourist-driven area, full of Westerners - young and old - in various states of warm-weather dress, some with backpacks others a bit cooler with smaller bundles. Had breakfast in one of the many cafes promising eggs....ordered. Remembered bird flu break-out I read about a week ago in Vietnam and promptly tasted it in the scramble, rejected plate and went for fruit instead. Experiencing the displaced feeling one has immediately upon arriving in such a distant land...out of touch...far-off...irrelevent. Letting it wash over and pass, embarking on long walk and generally settling my body into the different tempo of travel.